Notification of Business Resumption & Response to New Coronavirus

Thank you for using Kawajin this shop.。

It was closed for a long time、Our shop will resume operations on the following schedule。
When restarting、From the perspective of preventing the spread of infection in the future、We will make further efforts to prevent infections。

Visit at the time of business resumption、All employees、We look forward from the bottom of my heart。

[Date] October 1, 2021(gold)~

For the time being, it will be open by reservation only.。
Reservations are required by phone 2 business days in advance.。
We apologize for the inconvenience,、We appreciate your understanding.。

Considering the health and safety of our customers and staff、The staff will wear a mask。
Thank you for your understanding.。

To our customers、Please wear a mask as much as possible when you visit us。
Also、Alcohol disinfectant is available at the store、
When you visit us、Please help disinfect your fingers。
We apologize for the inconvenience、
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in preventing the spread of infection.。

The infection situation worsened、When an emergency declaration is issued again, etc.、Depending on the situation, business may be suspended again。In that case, we will inform you again。

With the end of the new coronavirus infection as soon as possible、We pray for your health.。

Kawasaki Main Store

6-minute walk from Susukino Station、Isolated house nestled in Susukino

6-minute walk from Subway Nanboku Line Susukino Station、We look forward to everyone in the corner on the banks of the duck 's river。